Animal Medical Center first opened its doors in 1986, by founder Dr. Jerry Weil. Since then we have been providing top notch professional veterinary service to Great Bend, Barton County and surrounding counties.


Dr Weil built a very nice, modern, efficient building that is one of the best facilities in Kansas even yet today. He had a number of associates, as well as a partner for a short time, before being a single practitioner with an excellent practice. In considering retirement, he put the practice up for sale, and Dr. Nels purchased the practice in June of 2005. Dr. Weil continued working at the practice for a year after that. 


The clinic's next big step was expanding to a 3-doctor practice and did so in 2008. Along the way, AMC had begun expanding the equine aspect of the practice but the facilities didn't allow them to practice the high level of medicine they desired, so in 2007 they began the process of investigating an equine facility expansion. It was a big risk for AMC, but the decision was made to expand, and has now made AMC the central and western Kansas leader in equine medicine. 


Another big decision was to expand with true DR Digital X-ray. It was a $100,000 investment and the largest diagnostic decision made to date. We were the first practice west of Topeka, Kansas to offer that level of technology. 


We have expanded services across all fronts, but the addition of animal chiropractic and acupuncture services has expanded our presence in the state, with clients coming from over 3 hours away. 


Another recent service addition was the Vet Stem Cell Therapy Technology, where we use the patients own adipose cells, put them through a scientific process, and inject the derived adipose stem cells back in the animal to aid in arthritis, allergies, and a number of potential conditions. Our practice has seen significant growth each year, and in 2015, we made another decision to expand to a 4-doctor practice given the demand for AMC services. Dr. Ty Brunswig bought into the practice as a partner with Dr. Nels Lindberg in 2018, and we are proud to have him on our leadership team.

Today, AMC has grown into a regional, progressive four-doctor, mixed animal practice known throughout the area for our commitment to excellence in service and quality veterinary care. We also have two other consulting veterinarians who visit us regularly for animal chiropractic and acupuncture, as well as equine podiatry and shoe fitting.


1986 -

Dr. Weil Founded Animal Medical Center

2005 -

Dr. Lindberg Purchased the Practice

2008 -

AMC Became a 3-Doctor Practice

2014 -

Dr. Ty Joined the AMC Team

2018 -

Dr. Ty Became Partner in AMC Practice

2015 -

AMC Became a 4-Doctor Practice

2016 -

Dr. Quinley Koch Started Offering Animal Chiropractic & Acupuncture at AMC

2018 -

Dr. Matt Wimer Started Offering Equine Podiatry & Custom Horse Shoes at AMC

2017 -

Remodel of AMC Clinic Facility

2007 -

Construction of Equine Facility


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622 McKinley Street

Great Bend, Kansas 67530


Tel:  620-792-1265​


315 Santa Fe Boulevard

Ellinwood, Kansas 67526


Tel:  620-564-3009

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Nels Lindberg, DVM

Ty Brunswig, DVM

Ashley Hotop, DVM

Quinley Koch, DVM

Austin Pauly, DVM

Matthew Wimer, DVM

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