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Check out some of the videos we have produced for our clients. We are always striving to be at the cutting edge of technology, medicine, and customer service. Have a suggestion for a new video? Use the form on the Contact page to send us your ideas!

Healthy Pet Awareness

Dental Awareness Month

New Orthopedic Procedure

Spring Cattle Tips

Equine Podiatry at AMC

A Story About Pet Cremation

Freeze Branding 

Artificial Insemination

Dr. Ty Becomes a Partner

Chasing Tails Rescue

Our "Why" Statements

Summer Internship Program

Preg - Checking

Pet Cremation

Animal Chiropractic Care

Heartworm Prevention

B.S.E.'s with Dr. Ty Brunswig

Fleas & Tick Prevention

Puppy Vaccine Protocols



Freeze Branding

Pet Allergies

Cattle Services Video

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