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At AMC, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality
veterinary service possible through quality examinations, advanced
and accurate diagnostics, and progressive medicine
and surgery with compassionate care in a clean
and very friendly environment.


Core Values & Culture


When you visit our clinic, you may notice posters hung throughout the facility that list our “Cores Values & Culture” but we wanted to make sure you had a chance to familiarize yourself with our principles and business philosophies.


  1. Work hard and have fun in a culture that is inspiring for growth

  2. We have the highest levels of integrity all day every day

  3. Respect one another and use encouraging words

  4. Maintain the cleanest facility around

  5. Offer the best possible customer service because clients have choices

  6. Don't be on time, be early!

  7. No lies and no gossip - negatives go up, but positives go all around

  8. Provide the best animal care possible by providing clients with options

  9. Communicate with clients at the highest level

  10. Collaborate internally and externally - it's the key to success!

  11. Serve our clients and their animals with humility

Special Perks for Our Customers

Now that you are “in the family,” look forward to receiving special savings offers (one per month) along with a monthly newsletter that will keep you informed on the latest technology and services available. Be sure to enter your pet for the “Pet of the Month” contest on social media using the hashtag #AMCPetPics. Winners are recognized in our monthly email newsletter and on our Facebook page so that they can share the announcement with friends and family.

Referral Program

Any client who refers a new patient to Animal Medical Center will receive a $25 credit on their account. The next time you're at the clinic, pick up some of our referral cards to make it even easier!  

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