Large Animal Services

Animal Medical Center is a user-friendly, full-service large animal facility, featuring a cattle handling facility with hydraulic WW chute and easy drive-through gates. 

Artificial Insemination (A.I.)

AMC offers start-to-finish A.I. services. Everything from heifer development and breeding vaccinations to syncronization programs and A.I. itself. Our professional staff will make the A.I. process as easy as possible with syncronization planners and all equipment needed.

Read more about our A.I. operation and semen sales.


Bovine Viral Diahrrea (BVD) is one of the most costly viruses affecting all life stages of cattle. Our lab allows us to quickly and accurately identify persistently infected BVD animals by testing ear notch samples in our in-house laboratory. Results are provided as quickly as possible so you can rid your herd of infected animals.


AMC offers full-service large animal surgical procedures, for everything from abscess surgeries and laceration repairs to C-sections and hernia repairs. Our experienced and well-educated veterinary staff ensures the best prognosis possible.

Ultrasound & Fetal Sexing

Our AMC vets use portable ultrasound equipment to diagnose and determine sex of early-stage pregnancies, allowing producers to make marketing decisions as early as possible. Determining the fetal sex with more accurate calving dates has been proven to result in higher sale premiums.


AMC strives to incorporate preventative medicine into every aspect of our practice to minimize the risk of disease. Our highly skilled professionals have the most up-to-date equipment and medical practices to diagnose and treat injuries, infectious diseases, reproductive issues, and any other problems affecting the livestock industry. 

Bull Soundness Exam (BSE)

Yearly soundness exams of your herd bulls will give you the best chances for optimum performance during breeding season. Soundness exams are performed along with a complete physical exam and reproductive evaluation, including semen quality. Our staff can identify the bad bulls, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to manage your operation.

Vet Verified Program

Cattle buyers and feedlot managers know the value of vaccinating prior to weaning. These cattle tend to perform better, die less, and get sick less often than unvaccinated cattle. In the end it saves them time and money. Our third party verification program assures buyers that they are purchasing an animal that is as healthy as possible, that will perform as well as possible. We provide you with a signed card that helps you market your animals, and according to Cow/Calf Producer Magazine, "early reports suggest preconditioning values shot up from previous values of about $35 to $50 per calf to more than $100 per head." Download a Brochure


Our experienced large animal veterinarians consult with feedyards, cattle operations, and cow/calf operations on animal health, disease control, and herd management.

Freeze Branding

Freeze branding is permanent branding option that is less painful for your animals. Freeze branding works by removing the pigmentation from the animal's hair. Read more about our freeze branding operations.